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Program Manager:Steve Mittonsmitton@vigilant-services.com703-339-4272 ext. 11
Contract Administrator:Nancy Arnoldnarnold@vigilant-services.com703-339-4272 ext. 15
Customer Satisfaction:George Arnoldgarnold@vigilant-services.com703-339-4272 ext. 12

Seaport-e Quality Assurance

Vigilant’s corporate motto is “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort, and the will to produce a superior product.” This motto is the focus of our company’s philosophy and is promoted to all of our staff, as part of our challenge to constantly seek to improve every phase of the services we perform.

Our management staff incorporates Quality Assurance processes into every phase of our program, project, and task management planning. It’s an integral component of the work we perform and is the basis by which we evaluate our performance. Our QA-QC planning processes are defined, repeatable processes that are tailored to meet each client requirement.

We break down each scope of work into distinct, quantifiable tasks which form the basis for measuring our performance. Each task is given measurable performance objectives with specific performance goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are then integrated into the performance standards of the Task Order Management Plan and are the standards for our performance metrics.

For each performance standard, a specific acceptable quality level is identified. This standard details the number of errors considered acceptable during normal processing activities. While the goal of our Quality Assurance Plan is to ensure that these numbers are never met, the plan provides the base-line for establishing and monitoring our continuous quality improvement process.

Quality Monitoring

Our quality monitoring ensures the most efficient use of resources, while providing superior services. Our methods include monitoring of monthly reports; On-the-spot document inspections and work sampling; testing; observance and feedback from customers, users and COTR; as well as the task, cost, performance summary reviews performed by our program and contracts management staff. Our plan incorporates the following methods for identifying and preventing defects in the quality of service provided:

  • Implement a database or “issue register” to identify and report errors and omissions;
  • Implement and document corrective actions;
  • Incorporate change management processes;
  • Identify and gather performance metrics;
  • Develop reports on metrics;
  • Perform document inspections and work sampling;
  • Elicit feedback from customer on current performance and suggested improvements;
  • Implement training and monitoring procedures in response to performance problems;
  • Implement quality mentoring system to encourage quality work;
  • Develop incentives motivating team members;

These methods are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each task and contribute to our continuous Quality Improvement process.

For each method identified above, a corresponding quality inspection record is created to maintain a history of the quality of services provided, and the corrective actions taken to improve service.

Our Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) provides the basis for evaluating the Quality of our performance, and provides the means for our Project Manager to control the quality of the service provided. The plan supports oversight activities to ensure service levels reach and maintain required levels throughout the contract term. This QASP provides a proactive way to avoid unacceptable or deficient performance, and provides verifiable input for required past performance Information assessments. This plan is based on repeatable processes tailored to meet the requirements of each task.

Quality and Leadership

Our staffing and management plans are structured to support our technical approach of Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement. Our Quality Assurance Manager is an integral part of our organization structure. Our commitment to Quality Assurance is demonstrated by the open door policy maintained by our president, Mr. George Arnold. Our Quality Assurance Manager, as well as our Project Managers report directly to our president and are able to identify and manage potential quality issues without delay.