DOJ purchased the Voyager, a commercial application by the Ex Libris Group (previously Endeavor Information Systems), to provide acquisition support services to all Justice Libraries and offices throughout the world. As a standalone product it could not provide the customized solutions needed to meet all DOJ reporting requirements and operating procedures. Custom reports, procedures and interfaces with other DOJ systems were needed to make this COTS solution viable for DOJ.

Department of Justice (DOJ)
Federal Government
Operational Support and Software Maintenance, Access/Oracle Development/Testing, Sun Solaris Server Administration and Support, Web Development and Maintenance


Since 2001, Vigilant continues to provide commercial off the shelf (COTS) system integration, custom software development and operational support to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Justice Management Division (JMD), Library Acquisitions Support Division. Our support included software maintenance, customized software development, Solaris system administration, Oracle database administration, software testing and operational support for the acquisitions module of Voyager Library Management System, a COTS application by ExLibris. The successful integration of Voyager has enabled this tool to be used by the DOJ Library Staff in the central management and procurement of DOJ Library requirements.


Vigilant designed and developed a web-based reporting mechanism that was implemented on the Virtual Library Intranet, utilizing a SOA architecture. This new functionality replaced a thousand mail reports created monthly for Library Acquisitions Support Division customers. We also design and develop custom reports as needed to support internal audits and inquiries.


The integration of Voyager into the JMD Library Staff operational environment continues to be successful. After the initial integration of Voyager with their financial management system and development of essential reports Vigilant has provided numerous tools and business process improvement that has helped to optimize the effectives and efficiency of their workforce. We have streamlined their reporting system and implemented tailored workflow to submit purchase orders directly to selected vendors via email and developed a purchase order digital archive. In addition, when needed, Vigilant provides custom reports to meet the requirements of their auditing team. We have been integral member of the JMD Library Staff technical support team since 2001.